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Monkey D. Luffy: Gear 5

Sep 10,2023 | Otaku Daily Shop UK

🌟 Unlocking the Power of Gear 5: Luffy's Epic Transformation

August is an exhilarating month for fans of the global sensation, "One Piece." Not only has Netflix premiered the live-action adaptation of "ONE PIECE," but the anime is also set to unveil Luffy's ultimate form, "Gear 5." On August 6th, episode 1072 will mark Luffy's first-ever use of Gear 5. Interestingly, this date coincides with the one-year anniversary of "One Piece: Red-Haired Songstress," making it a momentous occasion for all fans of the franchise.

Image: Monkey D. Luffy: Model Nika. Source: CrunchyRoll

📜 The Saga Continues: "One Piece" Manga's Final Chapter

Dedicated "One Piece" enthusiasts are well aware that the manga resumed serialization after creator Eiichiro Oda's one-month hiatus, venturing into the "final saga" of the story. Luffy has already unlocked the awakening ability of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, transforming into the "Model: Nika." This formidable awakening grants him incredible stretching powers, making him the "Embodiment of Freedom."

🌀 Animation Evolution: The Birth of Gear 5

Gear 5, as revealed in chapter 1052 of the manga, signifies the pinnacle of Luffy's strength. Eiichiro Oda, the mastermind behind "One Piece," drew inspiration from classic rubber hose animation for this unique power-up. Despite knowing that this concept might challenge the preferences of many "One Piece" fans, Oda was determined to preserve this distinctive animation style, believing that humor and ultimate strength could coexist.

Check out this video by CrunchyRoll! You can watch the full video on their YouTube channel! (

⚙️ A Journey Through Gear 2 to Gear 4

Before Luffy's ascent to Gear 5, his journey through Gears 2 to 4 showcased his relentless determination and growth as a pirate.

Gear 2: The Power of Speed

Gear 2, also known as "Second Gear," is one of Luffy's earliest power-ups. By pumping his blood at an accelerated rate, he supercharges his muscles, enhancing his strength, speed, and agility dramatically. His skin gains a reddish tint due to the increased blood flow, and steam emits from his body, creating a visually striking effect.

In this form, Luffy's speed becomes his greatest asset. His movements are so rapid that he appears as a blur, making it nearly impossible for most opponents to react. His attacks are not only swifter but also more powerful, delivering devastating punches and kicks that can shatter rock and overcome formidable foes.

Image: Monkey D. Luffy: Gear 2. Source: CrunchyRoll

Gear 3: The Gigantic Power of Size

Gear 3, or "Third Gear," focuses on Luffy's ability to increase his size dramatically. By inflating his bones like balloons by blowing air into them, he becomes a towering giant. This expansion allows him to deliver colossal punches, capable of toppling even the most massive opponents. However, this form comes with the drawback of shrinking Luffy down to a minuscule size after using it, leaving him vulnerable.

Image: Monkey D. Luffy: Gear 3. Source: CrunchyRoll

Gear 4: Balancing Power and Speed

Gear 4, aptly named "Fourth Gear" or "Boundman," combines elements of Gears 2 and 3. In this form, Luffy inflates his muscles, making them larger and more defined. His skin turns a deep shade of haki-infused black, granting him enhanced durability.

Gear 4 perfectly balances speed and power. Luffy gains a significant boost in both areas, allowing him to engage in fast-paced combat while delivering devastating attacks. One of his most iconic techniques in this form is the "Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun," a punch that can cause shockwaves and crumble adversaries. Additionally, Gear 4 introduces the ability to "bounce" using his inflated body, enabling him to traverse great distances quickly and unexpectedly.

Image: Monkey D. Luffy: Gear 4 Boundman. Source: CrunchyRoll

🌊 Clash of Titans: Luffy vs. Kaido in Gear 5

The anime adaptation of Gear 5 is set to debut on August 6th, synchronizing with the one-year anniversary of "One Piece: Red-Haired Songstress." While Gear 5 was briefly introduced in the movie, Luffy's appearance merely hinted at his newfound powers. The episode's production is a collaborative effort, with renowned animators, including Ei Ishikawa, contributing to its creation. Notably, "One Piece" fans have already dubbed episode 1072 as the "Anime of the Year," heightening anticipation for its release.

Check out this highlight of Gear 5 Luffy vs Kaido by CrunchyRoll! You can watch the full video on their YouTube channel! (

💥 Power Unleashed: The Might of Gear 5

Gear 5 is a formidable transformation that merges Luffy's distinct humor with his overwhelming strength. This unique fusion creates a striking contrast during his battles, especially when facing off against the formidable Kaido. The ability to transform his body, even manipulating the environment around him, showcases the extent of Gear 5's power. Yet, despite its incredible strength, the form demands a considerable amount of energy and carries inherent risks, making it an intriguing and complex addition to Luffy's repertoire.

Image: Monkey D. Luffy: Gear 5. Source:

🌆 Bringing "One Piece" to Your Collection: Gear 5 Figure

As we eagerly await the unveiling of Gear 5 in the anime, fans can now add the charismatic "Look Up Series" Monkey D. Luffy Gear 5 figure to their collection. Created by MegaHouse, this adorable figure is designed to look up at you, with a slightly super-deformed design and a movable head. At approximately 11cm tall, it's the perfect addition to your desk or display shelf, reminding you of Luffy's incredible journey and the thrilling adventures that lie ahead in the world of "One Piece." Don't miss your chance to order this captivating piece of "One Piece" history.

Look Up Series "One Piece" Monkey D. Luffy Gear 5 by MegaHouse - Click image for more detail!

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